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Industry trends, dream home tips, and the latest home-related happenings in the Greater Grand Rapids area.


Building A Custom Home Vs Buying An Existing Home

Custom homes are becoming more and more popular and it's no surprise why: building a custom home is the ideal way to ensure that you’re building a home that suits how you want to live and not living in a home that wasn’t designed for you. Granted some new home...

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Custom Home Cost-Per-Square-Foot Breakdown

At Whitmore Custom Homes, it is very common for new home clients to ask us about pricing during our initial consultation. And it makes sense; you wouldn't want to sign up to build your dream home without first having an accurate understanding of project costs and...

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Planning Your Dream Home with Houzz

Planning your dream home can be a difficult task. It’s not something you learned in school and there’s certainly no simple formula. Unless you’ve worked in the industry, you probably don’t even know what it all entails. There are so many facets to a home, from the...

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Choosing the right Grand Rapids custom home builder

If you're looking for a true custom home builder in Grand Rapids, you're probably looking for a home that suits your taste, your design specifications, your lifestyle, and truly feels like home. Whether you have a floorplan in mind already, or you just have a general...

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Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home

As one of today’s biggest building trends, energy efficient custom homes are a great way to get the beautiful forever home you’re looking for and ensure that it’s affordable for many years to come…

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8 Steps to Winterize Your Custom Home

Sweater weather is fast approaching in Michigan, and with the crisp fall air and the arrival of the first frost, it’s also time to think about getting your home ready for winter. While it might sound like a big chore, it will probably take you…

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